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WASHINGTON (Re【102期跑狗玄机图 】uters) - Employment growth likely regained some momentum in May as weathe【香港曾道点特玄机彩图 】r-related distortions【香港正挂牌彩图 】 that had held back hiring began to fade, suggesting t【2020六开彩马报 】he economy’s moderate recovery is still on track. A woman walks past a "Jobs" banner hung above the Chamber of Commerce in Washington February 6, 2012. REUTERS/Kevin LamarqueEmployers are expected to have added 150,000 new workers to their payrolls, according to a Reuters survey of economists, a【二八前后有玄机打一生肖 】fter creating a meager 115,000 new positions in April, the fewest in six months. That would bring no

n-farm employment growth closer to its 176,000 a month average of the past three months an【蛇和虎有什么玄机 】d offer assuranc【最好的马报论坛 】e the U.S. economy remains on a steady growth path even though China is slowing and some 【2020年97第期新版跑狗图 】European economies are back in recession. “There were weather and timing effects that hit the April number, b【2020年第十期的马报资料 】ut 【小女执笔猜一肖 】things are coming back to normal, said Gus Faucher, senior economist at PNC Financial Services Group in Pittsburgh. “Right now the underlying job growth in the U.S. is somewhere between 175,000 and 200,000 per

month. That is an economy 【香港三分彩预测 】that is doing good, but not great. Unseasonably warm winter weather is believed to have brought forward hiring between December and February, especially in the construction and retail sectors. Those gains 【香港最快奖现场记录 】unwound in March and April, causing a step back in the labor ma【2020年40期最新跑狗图库 】rket’s recovery. An early Easter also weighed on【113期四不像图 】 April’s payrolls count. The Labor Department will release jobs figures for May at 8:30 a.m. (123【246天天彩民费资料大全 】0 GMT) on Fri【香港金太阳彩票 】

day. Should the report mee【十赌九赢的民间秘方 】t expectations, that could allow the Federal Reserve to save its ammunition, in the event clear signs of trouble emerge later - either from Europe’s worsening debt crisis or the so-called fiscal cliff at home. Minutes of the U.S. central bank’s last policy meeting showed officials less enthusiastic about launching a third round of asset purchases to drive

interest rates down further. The Fed has held over【2020阅兵仪式几点开始 】night rates near zero since late【3地布衣图库 】 2008 and has bought $2.3 trillion in bonds to try to spur stronger growth. Still, a strong jobs r【2017年六开彩12表 】eport would do little to ease pressur【东方心经彩图118期 】e on President Barack Obama, who faces a tough re-election vote in November. 【家禽野兽公式为什么不是通用的 】The employment level is still 5 million jobs below what it was in December 2007, when th【2019年117期管家婆四不像图片 】e recession started. Analysts say the e【王中王开状给果 】conomy needs to create roughly【45期白小姐玄机图 】 125,000 jobs a month to keep the unemployment rate steady. The jobless rate, which has dropped by 1 percentage point since August, is expected to hold steady at a three-year low of 8.1 percent in May. DISCOURAGED JOB-SEEKERS The drop in the unemployment rate in April was du【东方心金乐园文字资料 】e to people abandoning the search, and there is a risk that more discouraged job-seekers【抓码王17年 】 joining their ranks could push the unemployment rate down again in May. Added to that is the fact that more long-term unemployed Americans are dropping off benefits rolls. According to the National Employment Law Project, about 236,300 people lost eligibility for extended long-term benefits in eight states in May. That compares with 133,900 in April. “【2020年六开彩开将结果表 】Some people will drop out of the labor for【2020年六会彩跑狗图 】ce, but it also creates a more immediate【118图库彩图图库乖乖图二手 】 incenti【跑狗图玄机图新版2020今晚 】ve to find work. Both help to push down the unemployment rate, said Sam Cof【收费的四肖八码 】【01期管家婆彩图 】fin, an economist at UBS in Stamford, Connecticut. Economists will keep an eye on the labor force participation rate - the share of working-age American【香港赛马会马主查询 】s who either have a 【历史跑狗报记录 】job or are looking fo【白小姐 免费彩图特码 】r one - after it dropped to a 30-year low in April. A sma【香港正版2020生肖波色 】ll bounce back is expected in May as a large class of graduates enters the labor market. Economists will also watch out for revisions 【2020第43期码 】to the prior months’ payrolls numbers. “Employment gains have ultimately been revised higher in each of the past eight months, by an average of 47,000, said Pete【今期19期跑狗玄机图 】r Newland, a senior economist at Barclays in New York. “A similar-sized revision to April would mark six consecutive months of above-150,000 job growth, modest in comparison to previous recoveries from deep recessions, but more tha【2020年056期跑狗彩报 】n sufficient to push the【2016年全年一肖中平肖 】 unemployment rate lower. The private sector is expected to account for all the job gains in M【55tk开奖结果 】ay, adding 160,000 new positions. 【正品四不像绝杀10码 】Government payrolls are seen dropping by 10,000, dragged down by ongoing belt-tight

ening by loc【2017128期双色球玄机图 】al governments. Construction employment is expected to rebound in May after declining in the prior three months, driven by an increase in residential construction. M【香港正版彩图图库 】anufacturing, the recovery’s star performer, is expected to show another month o【新版跑狗图报 】f gains. However, the pace of activity is cooling and regional Fed manufacturing surveys have shown mixed readings of factory employment in May. An improvement is seen in leisure and hospitality payrolls after they slipped in April. In light of the high unemployment rate, average hourly earnings are seen rising a slight 0.2 percent. With hours in most industries ba【抓码王玄机图2020年 】ck to their pre-recession levels, the average workweek is seen steady at 34.5 hours. It ha【2017王中王5晋4 】s barely budged from this level since December. UBS’ Co【二四六发财群 资料 】ff【2020金马会救世新跑狗网 】in said businesses had largely run out of room to increase worker productivity an【红财神报2018年第108期 】d were being forced to step up hiring.