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发表于:2020-04-03 15:56:39
LEEDS boss Dennis Wise was sensat

ionally sent off by stand-in referee Neil Swarbrick as this tense contest boile【开奖结果2020年开奖记录 】d over. Wise was involved in a row with Albions two-goal hero Diomansy Kamara after the Senegal striker was substituted with minutes to play. Kam【t234cc天空彩票开奖结果查询 】ara, whose goals delighted the Albio【精准六肖1o码 免费 】n fans as muc【年跑狗图 】h as his antics infuriated the Elland Roa

d faithful, had taken his time leaving the field. And he was given a helping hand across the touchline by the frustrated Leeds manager. Swarbrick, a 【有加无减打一肖 】late s【2019年正汇丰三肖六码正 】tand-in for Steve Bennett, who is due to take charge of todays Premiership showdown at the Emirates, immediately directed Wise 【944cc246天天好采图文资讯 】toward th

e stand. It was a dramatic finale to a b【跑狗高清玄机图奥妙 】ad-tempered affair that should have been an anniversar

y walt【长期公开四肖至一码 放请关注 】z f【123白姐传密彩图 】or Leeds sup【曾道人开马现场 】remo Ken Bates, who celebrates t

wo years at Elland Road today. Instead, the Yorkshire side slumped to the【六开彩开奖结果40号是什么生肖 】ir eighth home d

efe【赛马会提供四肖 】at of the season and leave for

a training camp in Cyprus this week with the dark clouds loo【平特五肖有多少倍 】ming over Elland Road. They at least gave Ba【2020年56期跑玄机图 】tes something to smile about with an early strike from Tore Andre Flo. But A【新版跑狗67 】lbion wasted no time in equalising through Jonathan Green【最全新版跑狗图每期更新 】ing. And a two-goal spectacular from Kamara gave West Brom control at the interval. Still, Leeds refused to lie down. They pulled one back with an Alan Thompson free-kick and launched an all-out assault for an equaliser. But it was not【老猴中买打一生肖是什么生肖是什么生肖是什么 】 to be. And in the end Wise failed to contain his emotions as his sid【今期香港跑狗图彩图h 】e plunged deeper into the r【跑狗彩图142期 】elegation mire. Kamara took his time leaving the field and unfortunately I pushed him off the pitch admitted Wise. I dont know why I did it. Kamara has a lot of ability but his attitude is not fantastic. Hed been making gestures to the crowd and everyone was fed up with him. I dont know whether I was sent off or not 【2017老奇人一句爆持 】- I just walked away. Im disappointed that we d【玄机小王三肖中特 】idnt perform in the first half but we were a lot better afterwards. West Brom have a lot of quality but we deserved something out of this game. It just never happened fo【香港马会双色诗 】r us. Albion chief Tony Mowbray, celebrating his sides first away win since October and a third victory over Leeds this season, said: Its not f【大刀皇彩图2016特马公开资料 】or me to comment on the Kamara incident. I like Dennis. He has a lot of passion and cares about his club, his pl【跑狗报八仙过海 】ayers 【六开彩平码预测 】and the supporters. Im sure hell get the job right. This is a difficu【2020年香港挂牌彩图 】lt place to come and we have done w【新版挂牌玄机图 】ell. We managed to see off a b【马会337888三肖中特 】ig threat in the last 20【三五二回头取栗打一肖 】 minutes, which says a lot about our character.【买10元二中二赔多少倍工资 】 Its a very happy dressing room. Leeds p【跑狗网www 综合查询 】owered into a thi【青岛市黄岛区扒山社区回迁 】rd-minute lead in their first【牛蛙彩跑狗图 】 raid. Eddie Lewis and David Healy had shots blocked before Robbie Elliott s【2020年第53期生肖提供 】wung in a cross from the left and F【红警怎么让狗跑全图 】lo slotted 【公开一肖平特 免费 】home on his Elland Road debut. But Albion s【排三2017134玄机图 】l

ipped straight into top gear and were level three minutes later when Neil Clements free-kick re

bounded off the wall to Greening, who rifled

his shot past Neil Sullivan from 20 yards. And 12 minutes later it was Kamar【054期跑狗图_2020年 】【胜过千金万宝.裹打一生肖 】as turn as he shrugged off a feeble【2016年平特肖全年料一 】 challen【南风窗跑狗图自动更新 】ge from Hayden Foxe to put West Brom in front. Leeds might have equalised through Flo on the brink of half-time but instead Albion broke out and Kamara lashed

in a glorious curler from 25 yards that gave Sullivan no chance. It was a cru【2020年119期跑狗图 】el time to concede a

nd Al【2017六开彩59期买啥 】bion looked on course fo【2019一肖必中特 】r only their third awa

y win of

the campaign. But with skipper Kevin Nicholls driving them on, Leeds hit b

ack in the second half. They managed to reduce the arrears with 2【马报免费资料彩图07期 】5 mi【2017-079期新版跑狗图 】nutes left when Thompson gave Russell Hoult no chance with a scorc【中硫砥柱打一生肖 】her f【2015年管家婆58期图纸 】r【好分数学生版查分数 】om 20 yards after a foul on 【2020年32期买什么太码 】Flo.