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Diabetes is c【2020新管家婆一句话 】ausing【香港赛马会慈善信托基金会 】 500 early deaths every week – but most of us are still cluel【富婆马报资料彩图管家婆 】ess over 【六畜中特肖是打一生肖 】symptoms. T【114图库大全 】he disease affects five million adults and hospitals are getting swamped with patients. Despite timely diagnosis being crucial, research has found nine in ten Brit【新版跑狗图2017年016期 】s do not know the early signs【武汉外国人聚集地 】 of type 2 diabetes. The Bluecrest Health Screening study revealed only one in three adults makes a conscious decision about their lifestyle to 【家中五色牧羊犬猜一肖 】reduce their risk. Dr Josh Cullimore, GP advisor a【三地小军天中图库 】t Bluecrest, said: “It’s evident from the study that awareness and understanding around the l【六开彩十二生肖属性 】argely preventable type 2 dia【白小组玄机图牛魔王 】be【香港马会2016全年资料 】tes is worry【红五图库总汇幸运五码 】ingly low. A diabetic checking glucose levels with a glucometer (Image: Getty) Read MoreRelated ArticlesSmear tests【2014生肖排期表 图 】 could be re【香港马会35期开奖日 】placed by at-home urin【平特五肖10赔多少 】e kits after major med【今期必中一肖一码 】ical breakthrough “Many people have type 2 diabetes without realising. This lack of understanding may contribute to the 500 people who die prematurely in the UK every week due to the disease.” To mark World Diabetes Day on Thursday, Dr Cullimore talks through the symptoms, when to get checked and the ch

anges we can all make. Symptoms “Early warning【平特三尾赔几倍 】 si【2018年香港马会资料图 】gns include fatigue, weight loss, wounds that aren’t healing, being constantly thirsty and needing to urinate more often,” says

Dr Cullimore. “Oral thrush 【正版免费全年2020年三肖中特 】and shingles can also be a sign. “With diabetes type 2【王中王一码种一肖 】, there often aren’t any sym【武汉六合社区租房 查询 】ptoms for quite a long time. It causes all sorts of health problems – heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure. It can really reduce life expectancy so early detection is important. “See your GP if you have any of the symptoms above. Anyone over th【24304com赛马会资料网 】e age of 40 can get tested every five

years. “Making lifestyle changes can dramatically reduce the chances of developing diabetes type 2.” Doctors also recommend making changes to your diet, and reducing your red meat intake (Image: Getty Images/iStoc【权威资料正版资料彩图解码 】kphoto) Video LoadingVideo UnavailableClick to playTap to pla【神算精准四肖 】yThe video will start in8CancelPlay【三肖六码是真的吗 】 now Diet “Most people think about sugary, sw【第115期四不像六合 】eet foods in relation to diabetes but one of the best things you can 【背门板上街打一生肖 】do is cut down on red meat. “I recommend a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and pulses. “Try to limit processed food and meat – perhaps try to have one meat-free day a week or one meat-free meal a day.” A change of diet can be enormously beneficial, especially one heavy i【高清跑狗图大全图片 】n vegetables (Image: Gett【山河玄机图 】y Im【彩图成语故事 】ages【老奇人三期出 】/iStockphoto) Video LoadingVideo UnavailableClick to playTap to playThe video will s【六开彩开奖结果036 】tart in8CancelPlay now Exercise “The recommended amount is 150 minutes of moderate exercis【王中王心水论坛03113com王中三提 】e a week. Build up gradually, starting with fast walking. Hou【2013年蓝月亮心水论坛 】sehold cho【十二生肖动物叫做四不像 】res such as gardening are also good exercise – 【大赢家一码论坛1 】anything that gets you out of breath. If you can find an active hobby 【六开彩那天开 】you like doing, great. “If you love it, you’re more likely to keep doing it. “Exercise helps reduce insulin resistance, lowers cholesterol and causes weight loss. Excess weight around the middle is one of the worst thing【香港九龍彩81367 】s for developing type 2 diabetes.” If you want to reduce alcohol intake, lo【香港马会开奖资料第二份 】ok at why you might be drinking too much (Image: Getty) Lay off the booze【2017年小喜通天报 】 “This helps because it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and help【宋韶光万料堂万料库 】s people maintain a healthy weight – all risk fac【香港6合宝典资料大i全 】tors i【2018年15期跑狗图 】n developing diabetes. “The maximum recommended alcohol intake is 14 units a week for both men and women. “If you want to reduce alcohol intake, look at why you might be drinking too much. “If you’re buying rounds, you could try getting a soft drink when it’s your round. “Or look for fun activities to take part in, away from the pub.” Stopping smoking is one of the ways to reduce the risk of de【葡京赌侠诗2016全年资料001一155 】veloping Type 2 Diabetes (stock image) (Image:【六开彩四不像生肖图 】 Getty Images) Read MoreLatest health newsScientist produce mice from two femalesDrug test onl

y needs a fingerprintSweeteners increase risk of diabetesPeople are drink【90期东方心经玄机图 】ing their own URINE Quit smoking “Sm【46期新跑狗图 】oking causes damage to the nerves and narrows blood vessels. If you are trying to quit, try to find a good motivation, such as your loved ones or being able to do more exercise. “It might be an idea to get professional help – see a doctor or smoking adviser at your GP practice. “They can prescribe nicotine replacement therapy or medications that increase the chances of quitting fourfold.” ■ For more information ab【神童二中二 免费二中二 】out Bluecr【香港福彩资料大全 】est Health Screening, visit blue【246天天好彩兔费资料全 】crestscreening.com